Piece #16 – If it can break the truck is that seriously too much paper?

Piece #16 -…if it can break the truck is that seriously too much paper?

I KNOW!!!!!  Do you see me happy dancing?

No, it did not break the truck. The paper was limited to 600 lbs. worth because much more and 


Seriously… Have you ever seen so much? 

I have and it’s in my basement!  Sometimes we just get such wonderful little blessings and other times they are whopping BIG!.

It started with a phone call and a statement like this, “Can your husband be home to help me lift the boxes of paper I have for you?”  It seemed a bit worrisome of a request.  I mean, I am not a wimpy paper lifter…

My husband’s cousin works at a paper printing company about an hour drive from where we live.  Years ago after learning what I do he mentioned that at his work stacks of paper can accumulate after printing jobs are completed. Rarely can the extra papers be used because each job has its own distinct paper requirements.  He thought there might be some nice paper to draw on and would I like some if he got the ok?


Oh the quality!  Thick velum.  Huge pieces, sizes like 26in. x 40in ( big x BIGGER). Smaller pieces of  bright orange card stock!  Thick bright white papers.  It’s the stuff you save  for very special projects.  I used the paper with my private students and took in bunches to school for my art classes.  Time and art projects came and went until I found that I was guarding the dwindling quantity very judiciously.. 

Unbeknownst to me there was a conversation at the family gathering this Easter.  My husband mentioned to his cousin, “Cousin, it looks like Wendy is getting low on that fabulous paper you gave her.”

Said cousin then contacted his boss, and then contacted the president of the company, who said, “YES, you may give your cousin’s delightful wife who teaches art some of the extra paper! “

Cousin then uses a FORK LIFT to get the boxes of paper, some even UNOPENED onto his truck. 


Now, do You know what 600 lbs of large paper looks like?  It looks like ALOT!

Here comes the critical question….

Can 600 lbs of paper fit under the bed?