Piece #20 – The Snowman Challenge.


Piece #20 – The Snowman Challenge – Decorating a Snowman for the Christmas in Millerstown Celebration.

My brother-in-law purchased a big plywood snowman.  Different individuals and businesses in Millerstown were to decorate them to be on display during the small town community event this past Sat. Dec. 15.  His plans were to have a Sunday school class decorate it for our church.  However, all the kids were busy practicing for the Christmas program. 

Insert me, my two sons  and their cousins.  We took on the challenge. 

Of course I had to just look at it in my living room for a few days…..It was Uncle Alan’s “out of the box”  idea to make  wreaths!  We used sharpies on that side.

And lots of glitter…

At the last-minute we added acrylic penguins to the other side as well.  There might be a little bit of overachieving  in this family….

All were happy with the results.  Our Snowman even won 1st place.  We still  aren’t sure what that really means, but we met the challenge!

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