Piece #8 – Top 10 reasons you should consider teaching private art lessons:

Piece #8 – Top 10 Reasons why you should consider teaching private art lessons:

10.  No grades.

9.   No commuter traffic.

8.  Talented students who spoil you with their creativity and ideas.  Your students LOVE art.

7.  Supportive parents.

6.  Individualized instruction. You can focus on your student’s needs.

5.  You are teaching a student, not just a concept or project.  You really get to know the kids.

4.  Your students’ victories in art mean more to you.

3.  Teaching is part of your life, not your entire life.

2. The opportunity to create alongside your students.  I don’t work on their projects, so I demonstrate all the techniques and ideas on my own.

1.  The freedom to take a project in a new direction because your one student has a great idea.