Piece #5 – “We are sooo gonna be in trouble!”

#5 – “We are sooo gonna be in trouble!” 

So not the words you most want to hear in the middle of an art class.  Not to mention it was a small class, only two energetic brothers…

One said to the other “wait till Mom sees  this mess!”  O.K. Now I have some  concern, because if these two guys are thinking it’s messy…. 

I was only gone a flash – a mere minute to run down to the basement and get a forgotten bottle of paint.  Really.  Two at  most…

The kicker was that the boys were including me as one of them, and we all were headed for trouble… I will confess that I made the rookie art teacher’s mistake….I taught the lesson without trying it ahead of time.

 You see it just looked like so much fun when I saw the project online.  But because I didn’t want to get the shaving creme out ahead of time I didn’t realize how important it would be to spread the cream with a spoon. I did not know how the thick, foamy, sticky stuff would be so hard to work with once the boys got it on their hands…and faces…and the table…and the floor.

In the end we made marbalized Easter eggs that turned out ultra cool. We  learned about color.  It was a fun process.  And the truth is if these boys thought that was messy – we have some fun art classes to look forward to.

By the way….their mom was in fact pretty happy.  That was one mess she did not have to clean up.

Here is the link to Kelly’s blog  where I was inspired.