Piece #18 – How do all of you bloggers do it?

Piece # 18 – How do all of you bloggers do it?

I admit it.  I have a love /hate relationship with computers.  I’ve been rather angry at the two ancient models that we have in our home.  By the way, when did something 5-10 yrs. old become ancient? I did just say that. geesh.

 I do admit to having a love/love relationship with my snazzy, ultra-speedy iphone.  At some point in the last few months I realized I was actually keeping up with my email.  It is so simple to take care of when waiting during a practice or event to pick up my lovely children.  My new addiction to Pinterest is fed by the trusty phone app that doesn’t leave me on hold like I often am when sitting before the computer. 

I appreciate all of you dedicated bloggers.  When I first discovered art , diy, and teaching blogs I was so excited to find that I am not alone in my endless quest to move furniture. I am not the only teacher who would spend too much time figuring out how best to make sculpture cats and dogs so they can “rain down” in school.  Reading your ideas has been fun.  My creativity and problem solving skills are being challenged. I am encouraged and motivated by all the amazing art  projects so many of you generously share on your blogs and through pinterest.  I have too many ideas filling every space  in my head.  Art students BEWARE!

I find it hard to blog.  It’s not about the ideas, but the mechanics. Being an artist I want to see,  and yes touch the images that will be shown on the screen, not work  indirectly behind a dashboard.  Why is it that every time I try to upload images I am left searching and hunting for the picture files?  I have them organized by date and alphabetical order but still  have pictures disappear into the vortex of “shared files” or other bizarre locations.  There are Jpegs, tiffs, bitmaps and of course differnt artistic programs are incompatible….

When my laptop screen died (Ok, I do admit to possibly tripping,  dropping it really hard and breaking it) I did use it as an excuse to not blog. 

No, this is not a new computer, but the fixed up old one from from a family member’s work place.  It was ready to be recycled and was rescued for my use. I am thankful, it did get me through my online classes.

The idea of fighting with the desktop for an insane amount of time to write a few paragraphs about a project was daunting.  And I would miss working from my couch.

But in my mind I was blogging.  

During the summer  my sons and their cousins (and I also) gathered around the huge mosaic project and worked through a Harry Potter movie marathon. We did the same thing during the Olympics.  I wanted to write how the creation of such a large group project can foster a sense of community and sharing.

Ella made a great peacock painting. 

Eva and I got “girlie” and made ballerina art. She also brought me a party hat so that we each would have one on during one of her lessons.

I do have things to document and share.

So  how do you do it? Do you resent the time away from the art because you are documenting the art?  Does it feel like a chore?  Does it ever get to the point where a blog can be completed in less than an hour (or two)? 

At the library this week I found WordPress for Dummies.  I eyed it for quite a while before checking it out.  

And right now I sit on my very comfortable couch with the old laptop minus a working screen but hooked to the monitor from the old computer.  Whew! 

Maybe, just maybe I’ll figure all this blogging stuff out.  But the art, no, I’ll never give up the art.