Piece #13 – Teaching is about Learning.

Piece #13 – Teaching is about Learning.

Featured above is a small sampling of work from my private student Megs.  The gourds were homegrown from her farm and scrubbed clean.  Permanent ink was used for the drawings, and shellac was used to finish them.  Embroidery patterns inspired the floral works.

The fantastic illustrations of Ray Cruz in the children’s book Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day provided a starting point for her first drawing. We studied his  techniques of drawing and using lines for shading, texture, and form.

Megs has come for class during her less busy winter months.  Her family owns and operates Happy Breeze Farm in Port Royal, PA.  She is a busy lady with many talents and hobbies.  She is a great seamstress and quilter,  and an inspirational  life-time learner.

From the beginning Megs wanted to work with pen & ink. She likes to make small, intricate, black and white, detailed drawings.


I tend to be  “artsy-flowy,” lots of color, BIG projects kind of gal…

But by helping Megs develop her hatching and cross-hatching skills, I experienced the joy of rediscovering an art form that I otherwise would have overlooked!

don’t you just love when that happens?