Piece #9 – It is still missing pieces…

Piece #9 – It is still missing pieces…

I have it at my home. It is hanging in the hallway at the top of the steps, one of only a few places it would fit.  Every time I climb my stairs –there is a bittersweet memory.

I see it, smile, remember, and long to finish it. 

The image on the top of this very blog is from this unfinished mosaic that belongs to the small private school Greater  Perry Community Christian Academy.


My art kids started it.

But the school closed.

And. It. Was. Not. Done.    Sigh….

What do you do with a project that spanned over a couple of years, was signed and worked on by almost all the kids that attended this school? Had it been completed it would have been moved on to hang on the walls of another private school – a place where no one has the memories of big kids laughing while working on it – a location where no one there remembers all the little fingers that put color on it. 

It came home with me.  Maybe I’m supposed to love it and remember…

There are countless hours of work left to do.

I do find it exceptionally gratifying to cut and put the small little pieces on it….

Or should I host mini reunion work days?

Have you ever had to leave a special school project unfinished?

 More on why we started this large project to come.



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