Piece #7 – Entangled in Zentangles

Piece #7 – Totally entangled in zentangles

Have you seen this book? No, I mean really…I can’t find my copy.  I remember looking at this thin, smaller-than-most book and thinking I would be sure to put it where I could find it quick.  You know, with the “really cool” books that you really dig right now?  This is not the first time I have lost it. Yes, I did a high and low search for it once before on the morning of an art class…..did I find it in time?  NOooooo.  Did my student and I still attempt to zentangle? YOU BET!

It all started with the new book section of my local library.  They had it sitting all proud and interesting along with those dull books on things like nutrition and exercise.  Of course I went right for it.  (Shout out to Newport Public Library!)

I thought of Megs – my bright and shining student Megs, who likes pen and ink. Megs is a busy, active, extremely creative lady who is involved in everything.  She and her family (and young grandchildren) run a produce farm. She quilts and sews and is always trying new art forms. In past winters after the outdoor chores lesson, she has come to take art classes with me. Megs likes making small, intricate, detailed drawings.  This book is so up her alley. She got art-happy the minute she saw it.

 I promptly ordered my own copy and have pulled it out often.  The book is well-drawn with fun examples of this simple step-by-step pattern drawing.  The patterns are built upon each other and then before you know it they appear very complex and detailed.  They also look ultra cool.

 That’s not all folks!  It’s Therapy!  This type of drawing promotes that wonderful therapeutic effect that occurs when your hands are busy and you are engaging in a creative process that is fun, but not too demanding. It’s great to zentangle alone, but it also promotes that “quilting circle” experience when done with others.  If interested in more, you can check out Sandy Bartholomew’s site here.  Me?  I’m still hunting down the book. Not under the bed….


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