Piece #6 Education is ironic?

Piece #6 Education is ironic?  

I just finished a taking course on Assessments in Standards-Based Education.


A very clear goal of Standards-based education today is to provide our graduates with the ability to adapt to rapid changes in technology, to solve problems, to work with others, and to think creatively.

“Authentic assessment” is a fancy name for projects, portfolios, oral interviews, experiments, debates, recitals, and theatrical performances.

 You know, the fun stuff…

These projects require kids to go beyond the basics.  They have to demonstrate a basic knowledge of a subject and expand on it to produce thought-provoking results.

Here is the ironic part…………

I found it very ironic that the most positive examples of successful authentic assessments mentioned in the class occur in the arts and in coaching.

Teachers in the major subjects of study are instructed to learn from the music teacher who gives immediate feedback, who provides an opportunity for a performance evaluation. 

The coach who teaches his players to practice over and over and then to perform is given credit. 

And it is the drama teacher who takes the kids from learning to speak clearly, to understanding and memorizing lines.  This knowledge is put to the test in a performance that also includes the building of sets and creation of costumes. Technology is used to provide light and sound. 

I SO don’t even need to go into what the art teacher brings…

“Real world” types of projects are used in these areas of study daily.

 Now, when lack of money is an issue, what is currently being cut from our schools?


These classes that promote creativity, problem solving, and adaptability…

(all listed as major goals of standard-based education- see above)

are deemed not critical and are the first to be taken from the students.

Now, that being said I generally believe that if you are going to point out a problem you need to offer a solution.  ? ??   Do YOU have one?


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