Piece #4 – What happens when an art teacher takes classes in Standards-based Education

Piece #4 – What happens when an art teacher takes classes in Standards-based Education…

Whew! Doesn’t that sound like a thrilling topic! This winter in my year of schooling I took five different classes on the subject.  FIVE. 

There were reasons I did this:

  1. The classes were free to educators (yea!).

  2. The classes were online classes (school in pj’s another plus).

  3. The hours counted as Professional Development.

  4. The courses required a serious amount of paper writing (eh-)   

  As an art teacher I must admit to finding the information at times irrelevant to my area of speciality.  I’m not going to get into a deep debate about the entire educational system.  HOWEVER…..

There should NEVER ever, ever, ever be an “US vs. THEM” mentality between teachers.

 What regular classroom teachers do is HARD! Nevermind the issues we all deal with:   behavior problems,  time limits, increasing number of students, etc.   Working to align standards and instruction and all it entails is difficult.  It is time-consuming, and unless the teachers are incredibly creative with their time, it leaves less and less room for ALL THE FUN STUFF.  You know…. all those little extras that make learning memorable and fun.

I have always respected the teachers around me, but my level of understanding for what dedicated and talented teachers have to do has increased.

Our students need everything we can offer them, strong core instruction, amazing arts programs, foreign languages, technology education, great sports opportunities, and more.  Instead of fighting to keep our own programs in schools, ALL OF US need to work together and come up with a solution that will provide every opportunity for our kids.

Thus sayth this art teacher….


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