Piece #3 – The infamous Matting Marathon

Piece #3 – The infamous MATTING MARATHON – it starts:

I had just started teaching part-time at the private school Greater Perry Community Christian Academy (GPCCA) when the principal showed me information about Youth Art Day, and said she wanted artwork from each child to enter. The entry forms indicated that artwork was to be matted.


Looking at cost it was determined to be most economical to buy the board and cut it ourselves. Now, I don’t know about you, but I was the student in college who bribed sweet-talked other people in the art department to do my matting for me.  You know those graceful individuals who were capable of cutting with a sharp blade without incurring bodily injury. NOT ME. 

Eager to supply the kids with the opportunity to participate and the publicity it would bring to the school, a generous parent went out and bought a matt cutter. 

A really nice mat cutter.

You know, the art teacher should be able to cut mats…

I don’t think I shared how leery I felt about my ability to do this, so I had to learn fast!  Because there was some crazy snow days involved and time was short, my sweet cowboy braved the elements to help me get all THE STUFF home.

No pressure… Of course when I do something I do it BIG. The kitchen floor was covered with matt scraps and art projects for days while in a panic I tried to figure out what I was doing. 

And then there was the OTHER SECRET WORRY:  Having previously taught in another county I had never been to the art show and I didn’t know what to expect. I wondered if my kids’ work would measure up – shhhh!

It took this frazzled, exhausted art teacher many late nights and a last minute frenzy on the morning the projects were due, but I got done!

And it all worked out –   The kids did amazing and took home many awards (whew!).  However, many of the other projects on display were “mounted” instead of “matted.” 


…so the countless hours of learning to cut matt board was not needed???? Are you kidding me? But….the matted artwork from our school did stand out….

The majority of the projects we entered that year were 2D, so in the end the parents had a finished project ready to place in a frame.  They were thrilled.

And thus began my annual matting marathon….

 What about you? Do you take the time (and expense) to mat or frame your student’s work?


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