Piece #2 – Yea to the PCCA!


Piece #2 – Yea to the PCCA!

One of the best opportunities to celebrate kids and the arts is put on yearly by the Perry County Council of the Arts.  They are located in my town of Newport and their mission is to support the Arts and Culture in the Region. They provide many opportunities for the people in the area, but of course my favorite thing they do is to put on Youth Art Day.  It ROCKS!  This is a competition that includes students from the four school districts and homeschooled kids of Perry County (PA).  Literature and Fine Arts entries are submitted in February to be judged in time for the exhibits in April. Music, Dance, and Drama judging occurs the day of the event.  This year it will be held on Saturday, April 22 at Susquenita High School. 

This is the fifth year I’ve been involved.  Because the private school where I worked closed in May last year, I had much less kids’ art to enter.  But I was very proud of the work of my private students. I was e-mailed the list of the winners a few weeks ago.  Caution:  proud, boasting teacher moment approaching:

Every Student placed and won an award!!!  Yippee!


I plan to display all these projects in additional blogs.  I hoped for a big slide show of all the work, but when I took pictures of their projects in February I did so for my reference, and was not too concerned about distortion of the images.  Now I’m concerned!  Here’s a sneak piece:

1st Place - Watercolors


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